Company: Tasarruf A.Ş.

Sector: Finance

Project Name: Savings Inc. Digital Transformation Project

Digital Transformation Product: Jobrouter Digital Transformation Platform, Digital Signature, Archimedes Digital Archive

Reason for Digital Transformation: Digitalization of all processes of the company with the customer, saving money, keeping up with new trends, saving time, centrally managed branch processes.

Project Detail

In all branches under the management of the company, the relevant contract was formed in the company's systems during the sales phase and transferred to the Biyometrik İmza application during the integration and signing phase. The biometric contract signed with Biyometrik İmza was transferred to the Archimedes Digital Archive software provided to the company.

Project Achievement: Pioneered its industry in the digitalizing world. It got rid of the costs such as paper, stationery and document storage. Time was gained. Contract processes of all branches could be managed instantly from the center.