Company: Rent Go

Sector: Automotive / Car Rental

Project Name: Rent Go Paperless Car Rental Project

Digital Transformation Product: Digital Signature

Digital Transformation Reason for Choice: Time saving, paperless

Project Detail

With the idea of becoming paperless, which is the main basis of the project, a biometric signature product was positioned to be used in the 3-stage field operations of the company. Within the scope of the project, all relevant forms and documents in the car rental contract, vehicle delivery and return of the rented vehicle were digitally signed.

Project Outcome

With the transition to the Digital Signature application, the company was enabled to provide rental services to its customers with much shorter and more practical transactions, thus contributing to customer satisfaction and saving on cargo costs in document traffic.

While de-papering provides savings in operation times and resource (paper, cartridge, toner, printer) usage, it has also been one of the most important achievements of the project due to its impact on protecting the nature.