Company: Panasonic

Sector: Electrical & Electronics / Production

Project Name: Panasonic Process Management Project

Digital Transformation Product: JobRouter

Digital Transformation Reason for Preference: Making the Purchasing Process manageable, saving time and costs

Project Detail

Manual purchasing process; the diversity of the units that open, approve and purchase the request; The necessity of going through many different approval steps due to variables such as product type, amount, unit that is the real owner of the request, has revealed the need for regulation regarding effective management and measurability.

With the transition to the web-based Jobrouter Process Management platform, all purchases, from standard purchase items to the most detailed purchase items, started to be managed with a single standard screen and process by all users authorized to request purchases within the company. Systematically, the nature of the requested product, its value, the requesting user, the department the user is affiliated with, etc. It was ensured that the approval steps of the whole process were dynamically created according to the variables, the tracking and completion of the approvals on the platform, and the end-to-end management of the purchasing processes. In the whole process, JobRouter's e-mail notification to users assigned a job step and SLA definition feature ensured that the assigned step was completed within the specified time, and the process performance was manageable and measurable.

It is possible for a purchase request entered from the same purchasing screen with the Jobrouter to be realized after a single approval, and the purchase request has been completed by going through more than 60 approval steps depending on the nature of the entered product, and even by giving some approvals by the company headquarters managers in Japan.

Thanks to JobRouter's multi-language support (24 different languages), a purchase process initiated in Turkish is displayed in English or Japanese depending on the language selection of the approver during the approval stages, and the next step is automatically translated into the language chosen by the relevant approver.

After the procurement process, which is the first phase of the project, went live, Panasonic IT team implemented more than 20 new processes with its own resources.

Project Outcome

Long purchasing processes, which cause delays in production from time to time, were implemented very quickly and in a reportable manner. Thanks to JobRouter's low-code platform feature, many processes have been digitized with internal resources.