Company: Aydoganlar Automotive Inc.

Sector: Automotive/Service

Project Name: Aydoğanlar Digital Transformation Project

Digital Transformation Product: JobRouter Process Management Platform / Cloud Fleet Management

Why Digital Transformation is Preferred: To digitize manual processes that are difficult to manage, track and report. To reach and manage all company operations from a single screen, to save time.

Project Detail

Public car rental operations, one of the main businesses of the company, were managed with different and non-talking applications and data tracked on excel. Together with the Jobrouter, all in-house processes of the company, from the opening of the tender to the preparation of the tender dossier, the current vehicle stock and automatic control of the vehicles requested in the tender, and the delivery of the vehicles to the institution were digitized.

In addition to these, processes such as personnel leave request, expense entry, which the company needs on the HR side, were also digitized with Jobrouter. All digitalized processes have been designed by our expert analysts and integrated into the company's software.

Bunların yanı sıra firmanın IK tarafında ihtiyaçları olan, personel izin talebi, masraf girişi, gibi süreçleri de Jobrouter ile dijitalleştirildi. Dijitalleşen tüm süreçler firma özelinde uzman analistlerimiz tarafından dizayn edilmiş ve firmanın yazılımlarına entegre edilmiştir.

Project Achievement: All business items of the company were managed and digitized from a single platform. Data such as performance measurement and reporting started to be obtained automatically. Work orders could be opened and work tracking could be done digitally. Time was gained.