Company: Avec

Sector: Automotive / Car Rental

Project Name: Avec Digital Transformation Project

Digital Transformation Product: Biyometrik İmza

Digital Transformation Reason: Digital Signature

Project Detail

In the project, which aims to add value to the company and its customers with the biometric signature technology, which is the trend of digital transformation, the company received a printed signature from the customer in the car rental operation; Contracts, vehicle delivery form, vehicle return form and all documents were digitized and digitally signed with Digital Signature application on tablets located in the company. In addition, with the opportunity to take photos during the delivery and return process, customer complaints in the processes were minimized and contributed to increasing customer satisfaction. The Digital Signature application was integrated into the Deriv software, the car rental software used by the company, and the information received in the field began to be processed automatically without entering the operation process.

Project Benefit: To shorten the operation time, to save on operation costs (paper, cartridge toner, printer), to add value to the brand with Biometric Signature technology, which is the trend of the digitalized world.