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In addition to the "local-national" solutions we have developed by drawing our strength from our teams that produce fast and dynamic solutions, and the global brands we represent, we provide all the services you need in your transformation processes from end to end and from a single source.

Digital Transformation Consultancy

Scalable DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION needs experts.

Every day, thousands of companies around the world are forced to terminate their activities because they cannot keep up with digital transformation. Companies that meet the digital expectations of their customers easily get ahead of their competitors.

Our digital transformation consultants will analyze your current status, suggest where to start your own DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION STORY!

Process Analysis Consultancy

All business processes within your company have a dynamic structure. These processes, which are indispensable building blocks of many sectors and business models, differ for each company. The specific approach of each company, the competencies of the employees, the business model, development goals, relations with business and solution partners should be reviewed and definitions should be made in accordance with the ordinary flow of life in order to manage the processes in a healthy way. Within the framework of our Process Analysis Consultancy service, all designs, documentation and drawings are designed by our analysts in accordance with your company.

Software Development

We do not offer our products in a package, but according to the needs of our customers. As the DDTECH R&D and Software Development team, we meet the software needs that arise during the analysis process.

GDPR, KVKK and Information Security

For the theft of information, which has occurred in recent years and a different method has been developed day by day, states have prepared various laws and put Data Security Standards into force. These standards, which are used as GDPR in Europe, have been regulated by the Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK) No. 6698 in our country and the Basic Data Security Roadmap has been published. Within the scope of KVKK Consultancy, necessary services are provided for the analysis of the shortcomings of the institutions and the transition to a legal structure.

System Integration and Management

The rapid development of technology has brought along the necessity of many components working together in IT structures. System integration is to bring together more than one system or structure that works independently from each other and ensure that they work as a single system. With the professional management of integrated structures, productivity is increased, costs are reduced and a productive infrastructure emerges.

Customer and End User Support

According to the needs of our customers and end users, we undertake the task of providing remote or on-site support for end users within the scope of our projects.

As the DDTECH group of companies, our aim is for employees and end users to use our equipment, products and solutions without errors and with ease.

Mobile Device Support

The management of all mobile devices, both in the office and in the field, can be provided upon request.

Archive Management (Service Bureau)

Every operation generates and requires documents. You can start your Digital Transformation by reducing paper usage, saving time and reducing costs.

Let us digitize all the documents of your organization by classifying them by evaluating features such as language option, size, paper type, document type. Avoid the risks of physical archives, start digital transformation by reducing your paper consumption.