Manage your internet traffic from a single main center with SecureBox!

SecureBox is a 'secure' internet box that combines Firewall, HotSpot, and Log Server solutions and provides information security.

Key Benefits of SecureBox


Provides end-to-end service in keeping signed records with Electronic Time Stamp in accordance with the Law no. 5651


With the intrusion detection and attack prevention systems, it prevents possible attacks and harmful content


It increases the efficiency of internet usage over multiple internet lines


Provides network listening and log collection without changing the existing network structure

More Details about SecureBox

Hotspot Solutions

It is a Hotspot solution that secures the internet access of guest networks for all businesses, hotels, cafes, educational institutions, shared office spaces that provide wireless internet service in public areas.

Firewall Solutions

It is the solution that provides information security against external attacks. In addition, you can easily manage your guest internet with the URL filtering and proxy features.

Log Server Solutions

Log Server solutions take your security measures to the highest level by recording your internet traffic, and enable you to make analysis by making your internet traffic reportable in detail. Log Server supports businesses in legal obligations by keeping records signed with Electronic Time Stamp in accordance with the Law no. 5651.

Complementary Technologies / Products


It is an advanced digital archive system that allows you to manage all your files on a single platform.


Trapmine is a new generation integrated endpoint security application developed by Turkish engineers and accepted by international institutions.