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What is a Secure Digital Signature?

​Secure Digital Signature; It is a biometric signature tool that combines electronic signature and handwritten signature, protected by advanced security protocols for the secure, fast and easy digital completion of documented transactions.

For which companies is Secure Digital Signature ideal?

It is suitable for all Superonline subscriber corporate customers with wet signature processes. The product is offered by Superonline İletişim Hizmetleri A.Ş.

What can you do with Secure Digital Signature?

With the Secure Digital Signature product, you can digitize your wet signature and paper contract processes, display the contracts on a tablet, and ensure that the contract document and biometric data of the signature are securely encrypted and archived, and can be accessed quickly when needed.

Customer Experiences

While companies can save time and cost by digitizing their wet-signed paper contract processes, they can also provide operational efficiency by reducing the problems experienced in the processes of archiving and accessing documents.

Source: www.turkcell.com.tr