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What is Turkcell Digital Archive?

With Turkcell Digital Archive, store your entire physical archive digitally and save both space and paper.

For which companies is Turkcell Digital Archive ideal?

It is suitable for all institutions that have an archiving structure, have the obligation to keep documents, attach importance to local software, and are price / performance oriented.

What can you do with Turkcell Digital Archive?

Turkcell Digital Archive is the "Digital Archive Platform" that enables all kinds of physical documents to be brought into the desired format and archived more securely and at less cost.

  • It is scanned on suitable devices by evaluating features such as size, paper type, document type, and converted into the desired file format by optimizing in terms of file sizes and quality.
  • Archiving is done by classifying them with the desired keywords.
  • According to the authorizations made by the central user, it is possible to access these archives by subject, number, date, title, folder name.

Customers’ Key Takeaways:

  • Easy accessibility
  • OCR Support
  • Quick use and fast search
  • Safe storage
  • Ability to open large files without media
  • Ability to save in different formats
  • File encryption
  • Access from outside the working environment
  • Preventing unauthorized access with grouping and authorization
  • Easy deletion of unnecessary documents
  • Avoiding additional expense in office relocation
  • Prevent data loss by backing up in the cloud
  • Multiple access at the same time
  • Integration with Secure Digital Signature

Source: www.turkcell.com.tr