Onur Turan, DDTECH Deputy General Manager, talked about the benefits of digital signature, its reliability, in which sectors it is used, what it changes and what it can change in the future in the NTV Sector Real Estate program where he was a guest.

What is a digital signature?

Digital signature, which entered our lives with the law numbered 5070 published in 2004, is an online signing platform that combines all paperless signing methods that can be used by individuals, institutions and organizations that need to sign any document or send it to another recipient upon signature. Saying that the digital signature, together with the electronic data, is kept behind all kinds of data to protect the integrity of the document and not be changed, DDTECH Deputy General Manager Onur Turan underlined that it is extremely important in terms of ensuring paperless in companies and reducing costs, as it provides great convenience in terms of recording and archiving.

How does a digital signature benefit?

Digital signature allows you to sign documents from anywhere with the platform and mobile applications compatible with all devices. In addition, it also allows you to save on costs such as printing/scanning, paper, cargo/courier, and physical archives.

How is security ensured in digital signature?

Stating that a digital signature is more secure than a normal signature, DDTECH Deputy General Manager Onur Turan said that all documents signed on the digital signature platform are encrypted with high security along with time stamp, location information and signer certificate, and are protected in accordance with ISO standards.

Who uses a digital signature?

Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, insurance providers, banks and credit unions, schools, government departments, nonprofits, small businesses, freelancers and consultants already use digital signature.

Where is a digital signature used?

Proposals of sale, purchase agreements, employment agreements, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), non-compete agreements (NCCs), charts, rental and residential sales agreements, tax documents, bank forms, insurance documents, school forms, permits, Digital signature is used in model and product presentations.

Innovative service: Digital Courier

In addition to the digital signature platform, DDTECH Deputy General Manager Onur Turan said that they have implemented an innovative service called Digital Courier, where digital identity verification technologies can be used together, and said, “As a company, we call ourselves a digital transformation agency. The purpose of saying this is that we are not only a software development company, but also a company that analyzes people's needs from end to end and develops solutions accordingly," he also talked about the Digital Courier system. Stating that Digital Courier is a platform that enables the documents to be signed remotely or at the door with digitally verified persons, and that the document is shared with both the sender and the signer when the signature process is completed, Turan said that in terms of sustainability and contribution to nature, the documents signed and collected with Digital Courier are digitally He also underlined that it saves paper and resources by archiving it.