Onur Turan, DDTECH Deputy General Manager, was the guest of the CNNTÜRK Business Specialist program. Giving information on digital transformation in the program, Turan explained the use and necessity of digital transformation in today's world.

So what is the “digital transformation” that every company talks about?

Stating that digital transformation is not just about equipping robots and machines in a factory with new technologies, DDTECH Deputy General Manager Onur Turan said, “Making our ways of doing business more competitive, easier and more integrated with the digital world in the new normal world makes us a part of this change.” said.

What does digital transformation add to you and your company?

Emphasizing that digital transformation can easily integrate processes such as human resources, purchasing, finance and sales, which are in almost every business today, Turan said that digital transformation is an important innovation in order to save time and space.

The right address for global targets: “Digital Transformation”

DDTECH Deputy General Manager Onur Turan mentioned that today our customers are not local but all over the world, and underlined that it is possible to open up to global markets with applications suitable for remote customer acquisition in order to keep up with the changing market conditions of companies.

“Digital transformation is a tool that will help us reach our goals in the new world”

Saying that according to the leading international research companies of the business world, 80% of the transformation projects of the enterprises are unsuccessful, DDTECH Deputy General Manager Onur Turan said, “The way to be successful is to set out with a consultant who understands you and allows you to design and implement solutions that are suitable for you. Digital transformation is not a goal, it is a tool that will help us reach our goals in the new world.