Onur Turan, DDTECH Deputy General Manager for Product and Marketing, talked about the importance of digital verification technologies in our daily lives in the CNN TÜRK Business Expert program and talked about what these technologies can change in the future.

In the developing and digitalizing world, many people are now able to easily and quickly solve their information acquisition, communication or problems and affairs they encounter in daily life through internet technologies. The fact that sometimes our personal information is used in the transactions carried out raises the issue of how to protect and secure this information. At this point, DDTECH Deputy General Manager Onur Turan, who explained what should be known about digital verification technologies in the CNN TÜRK Business Expert program, said that thanks to this technology, identification is possible with the use of personal data such as fingerprint, face biometrics, eye retina and even biometric data of a handwritten signature.

Talking about the remote authentication system, which was recently arranged and made available for use, Mr. Turan continued his words as follows; authentication becomes possible. It is possible to make transactions without going to the notary public, to buy and sell properties without going to the land registry office, as well as to keep documents containing personal information such as diplomas, student certificates, business cards under our digital identities.”

Stating that all these verification processes are checked and approved by the identity sharing system, a secure environment is provided, Turan also underlined that thanks to digital verification technologies, personal information is securely stored, more transactions are made in many different areas, and fraudulent transactions are prevented by using the identity.