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DDTECH was established in 2017 by an expert team with over 20 years of experience. Leading the industry in digital transformation, DDTECH provides consultancy to major companies in this transformation with its technologies and end-to-end solutions.

Taking its strength from its ability to produce fast and dynamic solutions, DDTECH contributes not only to its customers but also to the sector with its "local and national" digital solutions.

As DDTECH, we develop technologies and services to increase the benefit from digital transformation, contribute to the system and support the development of our partners. We are constantly improving ourselves in accordance with the requirements of the age, and with our professional and strong team, we provide full service to our customers at home and abroad for the transformation processes, and in this way, we aim to have a say in the development of the global market.

As DDTECH, we carry out important projects in our country and in the world with the technological projects we have developed in line with this goal and the consultancy services we provide.

Our primary goal is to facilitate the transformation process of companies by combining our branded products with the services we provide.

Technology is now an indispensable and undeniable need of today. It is constantly evolving and expanding its reach. In order to keep up with these technological developments, we define the changes in every field as digital transformation.

In the Covid-19 pandemic process, which changed the global balances, digital transformation has clearly demonstrated its importance. The pandemic, which caused us to realize that security in the developed technologies protects not only the information but also the body, enabled us to better understand how technology is in life and its benefits. As DDTECH, we are proud of our teams and the contribution we have made in this process, with more than ten products we have developed.

With the Biyometrik İmza application, which is used for digital signature from our products, and the Digital Signature Platform, which gathers all digital signature technologies under one roof, we have ensured that all signature transactions can be carried out in a fast, practical and secure way. Thus, in the process we are in, our users have the freedom to carry out all signature transactions in accordance with social distance, without entering crowded and closed environments. While providing a perfect user experience with the strengthened security infrastructure, we also contributed to reducing the waste of paper and time.

Today, in which Digital Transformation continues on its way rapidly, we have made it our mission not only to be a part of this process, but also to contribute to its development.

With the DDTECH Digital Transformation projects completed so far, 170 thousand tons of water, 150 tons of paper (5500 trees were saved from cutting) and 3 million KW of energy were saved. We are aware of the benefits of technological development and transformation to nature by preventing waste of resources, and we continue to work to increase this benefit.

As DDTECH, our primary goal is; To contribute to the digital development and transformation process in our country with the services and technologies we have developed thanks to our reliable and strong team and to have a say in the global arena with our achievements in this context.

Source: BThaber