Plan, organize and manage your workspaces!

MeetHub® is a smart room reservation system that makes the workspaces located throughout the office visible and effectively used.

Key Benefits of MeetHub®


Allows you to make a reservation anytime, anywhere


Supports location sharing with external participants


Provides metrics about usage times and effectiveness of workspaces


It ensures that your catering and technical equipment requests are forwarded to relevant teams and departments

More details about MeetHub®

It helps to eliminate the difficulty of using and reserving workspaces, the feeling of uncertainty that employees experience while searching for a room, the loss of time and interruptions during work.

Documents that need to be signed or sent to another person for signature are uploaded to the platform. Even if there is no document already, it can be created on the platform or uploaded to the system with the information of the person and persons whose signature will be obtained. The post can initiate the signature process with either a single signature or a succession. The sender can also decide which signing method to use. Signatory persons are informed via sms and email, and access information to the document is shared.

MeetHub®️ allows you to reserve a room or a table, as well as inform participants about the time and place, thanks to its software. It also helps you communicate with other units of the organization, such as the kitchen and technical support.

Complementary Technologies / Products


It is an advanced digital archive system that allows you to manage all your files on a single platform.

Digital Signature Platform

Digital Signature Platform is an online signing platform that combines all paperless signing methods that can be used by individuals, institutions and organizations that need to sign any document or send it to another recipient upon signing.


It is an advanced digital archive system that allows you to manage all your files on a single platform.