Digital Signature Platform

All signatures covered under one platform!

Digital Signature Platform, is an online signing platform that combines all paperless signing methods that can be used by individuals, institutions and organizations that need to sign any document or send it to another recipient upon signing.

Key Benefits of Digital Signature Platform


Eliminate your paper expense spent in signature processes. Complete your signature processes comfortably without using paper.


There is no longer any courier delivery fee for signed documents. Complete your signature processes without intervening delivery time.


Remove signature processes that cannot be completed for days and weeks from your life. Complete your signature processes quickly, reliably and easily.


More than 25 million documents are signed each year using digital signature methods. More than 100,000 documents are sent digitally by tens of thousands of people per day. By using digital signature methods, more than ₺150 million savings are provided to the national economy.

More details about Digital Signature Platform

In the Digital Signature Platform, which includes all available digital signature technologies, senders can decide for themselves the method to be used. The process on the platform can be completed regardless of the signature technology of the signatories and the quality of the documents to be signed. Biometric signature, e-signature, mobile signature and 2D (2D) are all under one roof on the platform, which hosts 4 different types of digital signatures together.

Documents that need to be signed or sent to another person for signature are uploaded to the platform. Even if there is no document already, it can be created on the platform or uploaded to the system with the information of the person and persons whose signature will be obtained. The post can initiate the signature process with either a single signature or a succession. The sender can also decide which signing method to use. Signatory persons are informed via sms and email, and access information to the document is shared.

Complementary Technologies / Products


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