Your New Digital Eye!

DDEye is a high-capacity, image processing platform that can serve over 500 IP Cameras with a single server, offering image analysis and surveillance over video.

Key Benefits of DDEYE


All images recorded live or via IP-based devices can be analyzed.


You can process data such as mood/situation analysis, age, gender within the image.


Allows thermal surveillance with appropriate cameras.


You can strengthen security by selecting the objects that remain motionless in the camera image and notifying them in case of a change in status.

More details about DDEye

With visitor counting, people can be counted over the camera view.

With area masking, recording of desired areas in the camera image can be prevented.

Provides synchronous operation of PTZ tracking supported cameras with motion detector.

Combiner combines two or more camera images into a single image.

Complementary Technologies / Products


It is an advanced digital archive system that allows you to manage all your files on a single platform.