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Based on 20 years of experience DDTECH was founded in 2017 to bring digital transformation to companies with its digital products and digital transformation consultancy approach.

DDTECH Culture

Our titles guarantee responsibilities we undertake. We're a team that doesn't believe in hierarchy hence here at DDTECH we conduct performance reviews not to judge employees but to get the insightful feedback to build better workflows, with there is one motto in mind: Always strive to be better! As a whole team, we have full confidence we are building a team with the right people and the loyalty of each of our members to their responsibilities and the excitement they feel to improve themselves and "US."

In DDTECH office culture, the hours we spent in the office is not the thing that matters to us but the fulfilment of the roles we have. At the end of the day, what matters is the quality of our outputs and outcomes and how the job has been done properly.


DDTECH Team Members

Stay committed to ethical values!
Create high customer satisfaction!
Provide end-to-end solutions!
Believe in happy employees!
Contribute to the sustainability of nature!


Our area of business is digital transformation so that we contribute to the digitalization with our products. With the realization of each of our project we contribute more to the sustainability of nature and we feel proud!

We are happy to share our "More Digital, More Natural" vision with our customers and solution partners.

save in paper, 5500 saved trees.
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Faster operations
kWh save in energy
tons save in water

Our Certificates

We apply certified quality standards with the care we show to ensure that the services we provide are at certain standards.

Our quality and compliance processes are monitored by our internal audit team and more than one 3rd party audit organization.